“Good Dog” – Wood Carving – Indian Holding a Wolf Pup

Wood Carving of a Native American holding a Wolf Pup

Native American legend tells that the dog came to man choosing man to be his master and companion.
In Native American history and culture the wolf dog were respected as a spiritual strength and guide in this life and life after death. The dog was a welcome member of the family as a loyal friend, hunter, help meet, pack animal, protector and companion.

“Good Dog” is an Original Wood Carving of a n Indian Holding a Wolf Pup. It is 5 inches in depth and every details has been hand carved in Solid Redwood and painted by Dyke Roskelley including the custom, handmade frame.



  • Solid Redwood


  • 40 inches wide
  • 50 inches tall
  • 5 inches deep

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